Rule #1–Be Calm and Assertive!

Cesar's Rules Cover2In Cesar Millan’s book “Cesar’s Rules–Your way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog”, he states Rule 1 is be Calm and Assertive. He quotes Dr. Sung Lee of the Brain Well Center in Sedona, AZ, who uses Brainwave Optimization . Dr. Lee is also a researcher/brain specialist who works at Brain State Technology.


“Assertive energy is the energy of our sympathetic nervous system. This is the energy of our ‘fight-flight’ response, which keys up the heart rate and blood pressure, releases energy stores, and prepares us for action or to handle a perceived threat. Calming energy is the energy of the para-sympathetic nervous system. This is the energy of our ‘rest-digest’ response. This system builds up our energy stores, and also regulates and fine-tunes the fight-flight response. It allows us to manage our assertive energy in the appropriate way for a given situation.


“Many researchers have concluded that imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches is a major contributor to human disease including heart disease, digestive disorders, chronic pain, immune dysfunction, psychological and neurological disorders, and others. It seems we can add ‘more likely to have an unstable pet’ to the list of challenges associated with imbalance in the autonomic nervous system”.

So, for a better behaved dog and a well-regulated human brain, Brainwave Optimization can help!

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