Dan Altman


Dan Altman has 4 years of experience in neurofeedback and working with clients.


Dan has taken both the Basic and Advanced Certification Courses with Zengar Institute to learn the NeurOptimal training system.


Prior to NeurOptimal Dan had a successful business for over 3 years offering Brain State Technologies Brainwave Optimization. Dan was a certified BST Master Level II Brainwave Technologist. Dan also worked with Dr. Sung Lee at the BrainWell Center in Sedona before opening the Ashland center.


Dan is a Certified Open Focus neurofeedback trainer and Open Focus Coach.


Dan is a former software entrepreneur and has an extensive background in personal and spiritual growth.


Even though Dan achieved success with two software companies and eight years at Microsoft he did not find the inner peace that he was seeking. After years of depression and despair Dan’s quest eventually led him to BST. Within a few months of his initial introduction to BST Dan experienced a dramatic shift in his life experience. He is grateful to have found the inner peace and well-being he was seeking for so many years.


Dan understands the suffering that many people experience and he wants to bring them the new possibilities that emerge when they have a optimal and well functioning brain.


In addition to his part time NeurOptimal practice, Dan is writing a book about his spiritual search called “Microsoft to Maui: How I found peace that money couldn’t buy”.



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